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Our Original Charter was formed on March 29, 1966.

The Club started in 1959 at the Galt Legion and in 1966, we officially became our own.  A charter was issued on March 29, 1966 for our first location at 15 Walnut Street.  The Charter was revised on June 4, 1968 to change our address to 165 Water Street N, then again on September 15, 1982 to change to our current address of 30 Cambridge Street.

We are a place that Naval Veteran's can come gather and share their stories.  Every first Sunday in May we host the Battle of the Atlantic at Churchill Park beside the creek.  This is a chance for the club to recognize members we have lost in the past year, say a prayer for them and perform the last post, lament and reveille performed by the Galt Kiltie Band. 

The Navy Club is a proud supporter of the community of Cambridge.  Through our Nevada Funds we are able to donate to local charitable organizations.  We also contribute to the Cambridge Firefighters fund every Christmas.  

We are also a social club where members can get together for friendly conversation, beverages and various social functions.

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